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Herbalife Programmes

The Herbalife Nutrition Programmes have been carefully designed to kickstart your wellness goals.

Whether you are seeking to manage your weight in a sustainable way, trying to build muscle mass, or simply looking to improve your overall wellness - our programmes offer combinations of products that have been meticulously selected to help you along your journey.

Herbalife Healthy Weight Loss Programmes

The Healthy Weight Loss programme is our most popular plan. Replacing two meals a day with our Formula 1 Shakes mixed with Oat Apple Fibre can help you reach your goals. Our different Healthy Weight Loss products are packed with various vitamins, minerals and nutrients – check out our Healthy Weight Loss programmes and discover how Herbalife Nutrition can help you on your journey to better nutrition.


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Energy & Immune Booster Pack Men's

Energy & Immune Booster Pack Men's£91.97

Energy & Immune Booster Pack Women's

Energy & Immune Booster Pack Women's£91.97

Fit Pack

Fit Pack£54.99

Healthy Weightloss (21 day challenge)

Healthy Weightloss (21 day challenge)£163.94

Heart Pack

Heart Pack£47.29

Herbalife Advanced Programme

Herbalife Advanced Programme£140.95

Herbalife Ultimate Programme

Herbalife Ultimate Programme£176.94

Ideal Breakfast (21 day challenge)

Ideal Breakfast (21 day challenge)£121.96

Phyto Lean Programme

Phyto Lean Programme£143.46

Skin pack

Skin pack£88.99

Snack Pack

Snack Pack£85.97

Vegan pack

Vegan pack£135.29

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items