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Dog shelter Sri Lanka

Order and give a dog in Sri Lanka a better life

During my last holiday in Sri Lanka in 2023, I was greatly affected by all the dog suffering.
There are more than 2 million stray dogs living there and many puppies never become adults.

People in Sri Lanka don't care much about these animals and if they are already part of the family, they don't eat dog food but curry and rice.


During an average evening walk I already found 2 litters of puppies.

Many dogs are hit by a car and become disabled. Or they contract an illness and are then taken (by both tourists and locals) to a shelter and asked if they can be helped there.

I visited a total of 3 shelters (dogs of Ella, Animal SOS Sri Lanka and dog passion Sri Lanka) that are financed by people from the west.

The dogs are operated there, fed and then live together in large groups (happily and happily).

The shelter dogs are so happy when you give them some attention.

Even dogs with only 2 or 3 legs, completely paralyzed legs or other disabilities look happy and happy there and enjoy the attention of the tourists who pass by.

In the village of Bentote I found 2 puppies completely emaciated in a cemetery. I gave them some dog food that I bought during my trip and gave out to the dogs there, but 1 puppy was in really bad shape.

Coincidentally, I then ended up at dog passion Sri Lanka and after being shown around and cuddling the animals,

I came into contact with Pradeep, a very dedicated Sri Lankan who explained to me the working methods of this dog shelter. I told him about the 2 dogs I had encountered, after which he picked them up and 'rescued' them. Both dogs are now doing well and happily.

Because of all this, I decided to donate part of my Herbalife income to this shelter every month. I withhold 1 euro from each order and transfer it monthly. I will keep you informed of the effects of these donations and I hope that, like me, you are deeply concerned about all the animal suffering in the world.

Together we make the world a bit more beautiful